Saturday, April 26, 2014

4 Months Later...

My last post was December 17, 2013.  That was before I tore my MCL and blew out my knee on Christmas Eve while STANDING AND DOING NOTHING.  My orthopedic surgeon told me "sometimes those things happen."  Umm, thank you?  It was also prior to weeks of physical therapy (with no improvement), surgery on my arm for a ruptured tendon (totally unrelated to my knee), and seven days in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia (also unrelated), all while enduring the worst winter Chicago has seen in years.  Since the pain and mobility wasn't improving, my insurance company finally decided to approve an MRI, which showed fraying around the meniscus.  SO I'm having knee surgery next week and I have high hopes that it will fix the problem and allow me to live my life again with some semblance of normal...normal for me, that is.  It's been 4 months of immobility, pain, depression, stress, bed rest, and CRAP, not exactly a picnic over here, 'ya know? I haven't even felt like being in the studio, which is not like me at all.  I've piddled around a bit and worked on some digital collages that I plan to turn into cards, but I was just too sick and way too tired for any creative spark to light the way.  But then a few of my art friends turned me on to The Documented Life Project.  Wow. My heart began to beat a bit quicker.  I fell in love with the idea of combining a planner with an art journal.  I knew it was something I could work on in bed.  I could use my stash but lord knows I also found a few new goodies I just HAD to have - I love the internet!  And so I began. Drawing and doodling and painting and coloring.  It's like kindergarden but without being taken to the nurse's office in a wheel chair because I couldn't stop laughing.  True story. Anyway, I try to do a little each day but there's no stress because hey, it's MY planner.  The videos from the Art to the 5th girls are fun and fabulous and so informative that I've watched them again and again.  Best of all I have a work of art planner and it's only the end of April!  For now I may be filling my datebook with doctor appointments and surgeries, but at least it's pretty and I'm a happy documenter. Here are a few photos of my planner:

On a different note, I bought a pair of shoes at Payless, clogs identical to a pair I own that cost WAY more that the PL $25 sale price.  I bought them even though they were white and ever so ugly because I had a vision, oh yes I did.  They went from blah to wa-LAH with some imagination and a few colors of alcohol ink. Now they are me and I love 'em, I love 'em, I love 'em (nod to the PL Easter commercial). 
Close up of the wonderfulness.
Just one more...sigh.

Well, that's all I've got right now.  If you're the praying or positive energy type, I'd sure appreciate sending some my way for an easy and successful surgery.  I hope to post again before another four months go by...Peace.


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