Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peek-a-BABY Boo

Have I mentioned my love for all things Halloween?  It may be a slight obsession but really nothing to worry about.  I did grow up in a house that was haunted, but there are so many other reasons to love October 31.  The cool weather, the rustling leaves, the spookiness of darkness coming way before dinner.  The air smells crisp and fresh with just a hint of winter on the way, and the colors of nature...oh the glorious colors of nature just exploding for all the world to see. Impossibly beautiful.  I started planning my costume mid-summer while my friends were busy enjoying the heat.  I was the kid who collected for UNICEF and actually gave the money to UNICEF while friends ran out and bought more candy.  Sam Giancana (AKA Momo) was our neighbor and we scared ourselves silly trick or treating at his house. He (OK, his housekeeper) gave out FULL SIZE boxes of Cracker Jack with a QUARTER taped to the bottom of each box!  A quarter was worth about 1.3 million dollars to a ten year old way back in 1965.  Ahhh, the memories that warm the heart.  So yeah, I really do adore this time of year and "Baby Boo" is my latest creation and my homage to all hallows eve. I've included a few photos but you can check out my flickr for lots more.  I do love him/her (?) but I need to release "Baby Boo" to the universe.  Check out my shop where this Halloween treasure will soon be up for adoption.  I'm teaching this weekend at SSM (their site is STILL down so no linky love, folks) to a sold out class, so I'm off to get kits and goodies together. I'll leave you with the immortal words of the late, great Steve Jobs: "there is no reason not to follow your heart...stay hungry, stay foolish."  

Now go create some foolishness of your own.  
Baby Boo.
up close and personal

rear view mirror - ha ha

take a peek inside

lots of goodies


  1. Thanks, Deanna. I'm a Cappy, too - 1/14...when's your birthday?

  2. the photo's do not do it justice - it is really
    amazing to see and touch - each time you look
    you see something different - truly a piece of


  3. Thanks, Marilynn; I just added a few small finishing touches here and there. I'm thinking of bringing it Sunday - I'll see how much stuff I'l be carting!


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