Saturday, October 15, 2011

Amazing Goodwill

Amazing indeed.
Today I went to one of my favorite places ever: Goodwill.   Note to self: a Saturday afternoon two weeks before Halloween is not the optimal time to leisurely browse Goodwill.  PACKED, I tell 'ya.  However, I sucked it up and persevered and I am oh so happy I did.  I went in to look for a large glass container to hold and display my silk ribbons. I found a huge selection of suitable choices and quickly snatched up a heavy glass vase that I deposited safely in my cart. $3.99 minus 20%.  Score.
Oh, hello. I am 10" tall and very pretty cut glass.
I belong in your studio.
As I made my way down the crowed aisles I spied with my little naked eye a whole bunch of these:
What am I?
They were calling my name.  All eleven of them.  No, really, they were all like, "Laure, Laure, check us out!" and I was all like "what the heck are you guys" and they were all like "anything you want us to be, baby" and I was tired of carrying on lengthy conversations with inanimate objects so I picked one up and checked it out.  AND then I scooped them up and put them in my cart in about 4 seconds flat.  
Just waiting for our make over.
What would you do with these treasures?  I know what I'm going to do, and I'll share when my sample gets created. Hopefully sometime fairly soon.  I'll teach a class that will be limited to ten people since that's all that will be left  once I put my idea into art. I'm pretty psyched and at 99 cents each, less 20%, Goodwill practically paid ME to take them. Score again.

Speaking of classes, here's a store sample for SSM; a new class with the date(s) and time(s) to be set tomorrow.  I'll also be teaching this one at C3.  Check it out and maybe I'll see you in a future class; Gus highly recommends it.
Baron Gustav Von Schnickerdoodle and the Divine Dossier.


  1. You are ridiculous. Just saying. So is Gus.

  2. Why am I ridiculous? Seriously, I don't understand. There isn't even a trace of a doll head to be found.

  3. Looks like you found great treasures at Goodwill. Thanks for the link to you posted on Mary Ann's Blog. I will definitely pass this along to my daughter for use in her GRP.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Jenny, and I hope your daughter gets some great information. If she plans on calling, have her ask for Julie - she'd be happy to help her out!


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