Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't won any additional giveaways but I have been busy setting dates for future classes.  My teaching schedule between now and Christmas is pretty full: 10 new classes and a new store, too; in addition to C3, I'll be teaching in Mundelein at Stamp, Scrap, 'n More (SSM in Laure language).  It's a friendly place with a welcoming atmosphere that's chock full of all sorts of artistic goodness. Conrad and Peggy are the husband and wife store owners; they're super nice and really know how to make a person feel at home. I'm teaching a new LARGER paper bag album and a matchbox book ornament, and I've also added a few new classes at C3. Please check both websites for details and PLEASE support your LSS (local scrapbook store). The big box stores are great for a quick supply here and there but there's just no contest when it comes to friendly, GENUINE customer service, unique products, superb classes, and talented instructors.  Too many independents have closed in recent years and the crafting landscape has suffered from these losses. C3 and SSM are gems that deserve your patronage; if you're in the area, stop in and see what you've been missing.

Since I promised I'd show what I made with Tim's giveaway goodies, I've included a few photos of one of the Halloween paper bag albums I whipped up, soon to be looking for a new home on Etsy.  Another one is currently at C3 as a class sample.  I really like Tim's Kraft Resist Paper Stash Cardstock, which was a big surprise to me.  I hardly gave it a glance when it was introduced. Truthfully, I would never have bought it.   I'm all about color and pattern and the paper just seemed so...plain.  Boring.  Brown.  I'm happy to say I was wrong.  So very wrong. First off, the paper is sturdy and heavy, a must when making books and albums.  The texture is lovely and the resist pops with the addition of inks or stains.  I used this paper as backgrounds and added the color I so desperately  need with images and ephemera and distress inks here and there and VOILA...perfection.  I see lots more kraft resist in my future.  
"Poison Halloween"

Is that the new distress color seedless preserves on the 31?
Why yes it is.
And it's AMAZING.


This photo really shows the resist.

On a totally different note, here's a link to a short video featuring my creatively awesome daughter Julie. She works with CLIMB Theater Company and this is just a tiny sample of a bit of what she does to make the world a better place.  Warning: only watch if you are immune to severely adorable children.  I mean besides Julie.  This is an extreme cuteness alert.  Seriously, you have been warned.  And yes, I am in competition for the coveted Most Links in a Single Post award; did I win?


  1. Hi Laure! I love, love, LOVE this album!!! What a great inspiration for me to get started on one!! I just received my seasonal inks and can't wait to dive in! And I've been eyeing that goth girl stamp for awhile, so consider yourself an enabler, as I'm off to get myself one ;). Great job, thanks for sharing!

  2. This is absolutely splendid. Love all the detail you've added. You really have an eye for this!

  3. Wow, I've NEVER been accused of being an enabler...hardee har har. Seriously, she's adorable. I'll be changing her up a bit and using her year round. Thanks for the nice comments and start creating!


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