Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilac Time in Lombard

Lombard, Illinois is known as the Lilac Village.  Lilacia Park is full of these fragrant purple gems and most homes have a lilac bush or two.  Our water tower is even painted the perfect shade of lilac.  I've always loved lilacs.  My grandparent's back yard (which was not in Lombard) was so full of lilac bushes they made a canopy of sorts as you walked down the cement path from the house to the garage.  Such beautiful memories.  We've lived in Lombard for almost 24 years and didn't even know the history when we moved in.  It's funny how life takes you just where you need to go.

Spring time is Lilac Time, and The Lilac Parade is the cherry on top of the sundae of lilac celebrations.  We live two blocks from the start of the parade route and attended every year when the kids were small, but by a certain age their lives began to bloom just like the lilacs and they lost interest in going to the parade with mom and dad.  It just wasn't the same without them so we kind of lost interest, too.  Today is parade day.  It's a windy and rainy 42 degrees  but in spite of mother nature's unwillingness to cooperate, I can hear the bands and drums and sirens through our closed windows.  I hope everyone's bundled up because it's a BIG parade that lasts about two hours.  I'm thinking of the poor Lilac Princesses and their Queen, all decked out in lovely formal dresses that will be hidden beneath warm coats and rain gear.  Julie was in the parade several times, in marching band and on the girl scout's float.  One year the scouts were wearing black plastic garage bags as their costume (recycling theme maybe?) and it was 92 hot and humid degrees that year.  Can you say heat stroke?  At least this year's participants won't be passing out.

Lilac Time on our front lawn

close up of the front tree

I've been busy creating art as well as havoc.  Traveling, teaching, creating and selling on Etsy, looking for work, having mini break downs, and then doing it all over again.  I don't get call backs on positions that I'm eminently qualified for and I don't get call backs on positions I did 30 years ago that I'm eminently qualified for. It's such a different world out there and I would never have believed it if I wasn't going through it myself.  I've always created my own opportunities and success. I knew that if I wanted a certain job, I would most likely be offered that job and then I'd negotiate salary and benefits.  If they didn't offer what I wanted there was always another offer on the table somewhere.  Now it's IF you get a call back on your resume and IF you successfully go through six interviews and IF you are offered the position you'd better take it and be happy because there's about a hundred people who will be happy to accept what you turn down.  Very discouraging. THANKFULLY I have my art.  Even at my most depressed I can lose myself in the process of creation.  I can forget for awhile the realities of unemployment and the accompanying stress that effects every aspect of life.  I can create and I can help others create, too.  I taught two classes at C3 over the weekend and the process of teaching and sharing just feeds my soul.  So as I sit in my home in the lovely Lilac Village and listen to the parade and write these words, I am grateful for all I have. I will try to soften the focus of need and worry and stress and be happy in the moment of NOW.  It may not be perfect, but it's what I've got and I'm going with it.  What does your NOW look and feel like?

paper bag album: class sample for C3

paper bag album - what fun!

Adventure paper bag album, front and back


  1. Laure - I love your work. Work a gifted and talented lady you are! I could spend so much time looking at your photos on Flicker.

    Best of luck in your job search.
    Brenda in CO

  2. Brenda, thanks for your encouragement on a cold and rainy Chicago day; I'm glad you enjoy the photos! Thanks also for the job hunt encouragement - I need it. Many blessings your way~


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