Friday, December 24, 2010

EVERY Creature Was Stirring In Our Crazy House

We are once again a happy family of four, living together in the same house for one glorious week.  Julie's in from Minneapolis and I've taken FULL advantage of having both "kids" under the same roof at the same time; we've laughed, we've cried, we've wet our pants. Just kidding.  Or AM I?  Julie and Matto band together and tease me unmercifully and I LOVE it.  The cats are thrilled to have a new person around to pay attention to them since they get none from us, don't 'ya know.   The house is alive with noise and energy and endless chatter, just the way I like it.  Steve has taken to wearing ear plugs 24/7.  Just kidding.  Or AM I?  So no matter what Santa brings, I've already received the best possible Christmas present ever ~ one full week of family togetherness.  And chaos.  I'm in heaven.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Feliz Navidad.  Have a great day. Merry Ho Ho.  Regardless of the greeting, my wish for you is a heart brimming with whatever it most needs.  Feel the love that surrounds you each and every day of the year, and enjoy your own chaotic and perfectly imperfect life!   

1955 ~ Laure Ann, rockin' that bow.


  1. You've always rocked evrything that you've done! Love ya. Rose

  2. Awww, thanks Rose. I love this photo: picture I.D. number in the corner and me with a "WTF" look on my face. I think I'm about 4 seconds away from bursting into tears...some things never change!


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