Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 ~ Goals and Beyond

2010 hasn't been the best year of my life.  It hasn't been the worst either, but it definitely falls towards the bottom as far as stellar years go.  I'm SO looking forward to the proverbial fresh start of a new year. I've never been one for resolutions; it seems like they're just made to be broken.  But goals? Goals are something I can sink my teeth into.  Goals are the foundation of any true Capricorn. Goals are open to re-evaluation and revision.  So without further ado and in no particular order, here are just a few of my goals for 2011:
  1. Live healthier, which includes making better choices in foods and outlook.
  2. De-stash my studio, including art magazines and "possible future project" stuff.
  3. List art and supplies on Etsy on a REGULAR basis.
  4. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  5. Find a job.
  6. Find a job that I like.
  7. Find a job that I like that provides health insurance.
  8. Remember and be thankful for at least one blessing every day.
  9. Drive slower.
  10. Forgive quicker.
  11. Treat myself at least as nicely as I treat others.
  12. Organize my clothing, jewelry, drawers, closets, and LIFE and get rid of everything I don't love, don't wear, doesn't fit, and/or no longer serves a purpose.  That should only take an hour or two, right?
  13. Go on an art retreat.
  14. Get smart enough to use my smart phone. 
  15. Take more pictures.
  16. Buy new bras.   DONE!
  17. Brush the cats (and by cats I mean Max) once a week.
  18. Organize my iPod.
  19. Get a passport.
  20. Clean out the garage.
  21. See friends more than twice a year.
  22. Relax without feeling guilty, unproductive, or lazy.
  23. Go to a Cubs game.
  24. Win the lottery so I can afford to go to a Cubs game. Yeesh!
2010 was a year of loss and survival.  I look forward to 2011 being a year of renewal and revitalization. I've been an optimist my whole life and it's time to find that optimism again.  Time to leave the crap behind and go forward with fresh eyes.  Time to make friends with the new person I've become.  Time to take the puzzle piece that is me and find where it fits in the bigger picture of life.  As 2011 peeks up from the horizon, I hope you can leave behind whatever no longer serves you, and go forward with eyes and hearts wide open.  Welcome a new year and a new attitude.  One day at a time.


  1. I agree with everything on here except for "drive slower." Pshaw! What are you, a Minnesotan?

  2. My motivation to drive slower stems from a new law starting January 1. HUGE fines for driving 30 or more over the limit. Not that I do that or anything...

  3. I'm getting rid of all those extra things that I never wear/use either. Boy does it feel good.
    Happy new year!

  4. Amanda, it WILL feel good, once I do it. Hey, it's only January 2nd. I'm starting this week so wish me luck!

  5. I Like this post, It got me thinking, oddly, most about your number 16. I never think of what I am going to do each year; crap just manages to surface and I take care of it, review it or toss the idea, as I go along! LOL. Even Bras; I buy seven at a time and they all wear out at the same time and then I wait until they barely hook, or a hook snaps to get more...oh, how we do neglect ourselves. I replace my husband's underpants regularly (or he never would)but my bras wait..why the heck is that?

  6. I guess someone or something else always comes first. Plus, I HATE buying bras! It' such a chore but so nice when it's done. Gotta keep the girls happy!


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