Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steampunk Surprise

I came home from my bra buying extravaganza (see last post, #16) to find a priority mail box from Alpha Stamps.  *happy dance*  I've shopped at Alpha Stamps forever because their offerings are unique and fun and very reasonably priced.  They sponsored daily drawings on their blog between Christmas and New Years for all sorts of treasures, and I won Day #3!  My goodies were safe and sound inside the box and they are AWESOME!  Just about anything you get for free is pretty great, but this collection is really, truly awesome; I LOVE steampunk and it's like I picked out each lovely piece myself.  I will use every single item and I plan to start when I finish this post.  A BIG thank you to Leslie (owner of Alpha Stamps) for offering such a fun week of contests.  Take a look at what I got; happy new year indeed!

What a haul!

Steampunk Max


  1. Thanks to you Laure, I clicked on this wonderful Alpha Stamps when you posted your win - and I didn't win anything but I sure bought stuff and will keep buying - all your fault - LOL

  2. Oooops! My name is Laure and I'm an enabler. I'd apologize but I know you're loving it!


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