Thursday, September 19, 2013


Another journal page, one that makes me quite happy.  This two page spread has to do with past memories,  specifically from when I was 4 years old.  I had quite a few adventures that year!  Yes, I vividly remember being 4; my earliest memory goes back to when I was about 18 months old. I used to think everyone remembered like me but I realize now that's not the case.  I've been told I have a photographic memory and I think that must be true.  I'm the one family and friends come to for all those tricky questions that begin "remember that person who..." Yes, I remember them.  I remember their birthday, I remember where they lived, I remember the maiden name of their mother, and I remember how their eyes looked on a sunny day. Anyway, 1959 was such a full year that I decided to journal about my many exploits.  I hope you enjoy this peek and maybe get a great idea for a page of your own!
1959 - journal spread with tags folded  
1959 - journal spread with tags open


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