Friday, June 22, 2012

Read All About It

Today's post is full of news and updates.  Yay!  I know it sounds boring and very task-like but hey, sometimes life IS boring and task-like.  Hopefully these tidbits won't put you to sleep.
  • Little Joys Studio now has its very own Facebook page. That's kind of a big YAY because enough people have asked for one for me to get my buns in gear and create one.  This is a separate page from my personal FB and it will be reserved for all things art.  Please check it out and I'd be ever so happy if you'd "like" it:

  • I am abandoning art, yes I am.  No, I haven't stopped making art, I'm abandoning art that I've made, lots of people are!  I'm a new member of Art Abandonment, a movement practiced by creative and generous artists around the world.  The artist hides a piece of art somewhere, anywhere, and the lucky finder gets to keep it.  The art has a tag attached that explains the movement and assures the recipient that yes, it IS a gift (just in case it's hidden in a store or somewhere similar).  You wouldn't believe some of the fabulous pieces that are being hidden as we speak!  How fun is this?  I haven't abandoned any art yet but I will soon and I can't wait.  To learn more about this movement or to join the fun, go to:

  • I've been listing some pretty cool pieces on Etsy and I've included some photos to whet your appetite. These are altered books made with metal wall tiles for covers and they have been very well received.  I taught four classes on this project and they were all sell outs because the book turns out so stinkin' cute!

spine view of "December 24th."
front of "Journey" - my favorite!
inside page from "Journey"
another inside page

Right?  I know!  I really wanted to keep them all but my studio is bursting with goodies that need to find a new home.  The first one I listed sold in 2 hours.  I feel like my art mojo is finally creeping back into my life.  I initially felt a bit guilty enjoying something again but then I decided that Beth was with me and giving me some needed inspiration, and that feels good.  I still have plenty of bad moments, but they don't seem to take over the entire day.  I am very grateful for that.  What are you grateful for today?

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