Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Friday

1- I didn't make the cut for the Graphic 45 design team.  I'm okay with that and really not surprised.  My art is a bit left of traditional but I'm glad I took the leap and gave it a try.  Good luck to all 30 finalists.  I wouldn't want to be part of the selection team.  The finalists are spectacularly talented and deciding who makes the team and who goes home with a lovely parting prize must be a grueling task indeed.

2-  Davy Jones died and my childhood came crashing down around my sad little head.  I grew up with The Monkees and still love their music.  I was always a Mickey girl; make me laugh and my heart is forever yours.  Davy had the accent and he was adorable.  Too adorable for me.  Kind of the whole Paul vs. John debate, don't 'ya know.  Such a shock.  He was the same age as my husband, too, which really makes a person stop and think.  Thanks for the music and the memories, Davy. God speed.

3-  Time just goes racing by in some ways (see #2, above) but drags its feet in others.  Waiting is a big part of life and I've never been good at it.  Waiting, not life.  I think.  Tapping my fingers, humming a tune, watching for pots to boil; that's a large part of my life right about now.  I try to live in the moment but I'm not always successful. That's where art comes in like a superhero and saves the day, giving me the permission I need to just BE.  Ah, blessed escape.  Lost in the moment.   Thankfully.

4- I'm planning to sell prints of some of my original art.  I'm working with an excellent printer and the proofs I received yesterday turned out great.  I'll keep you posted on the process and the progress.

5- Little Joys Studio has been very active.  Another thankful blessing.  Inventory is pretty low so I've been working like a crazy person (AKA Me) listing, listing, listing goodies.  I'll leave you with a few glimpses of some new offerings.  Check out the shop for full details and browse all the new additions!
collage bit on "Angels" mirror
"ARTFUL" paper bag album
collage bit on "Tiara Goddess" mirror
sneak peek...not yet listed!
sneak peek...not yet listed!
sneak peek...not yet listed!


  1. Cool stuff, Laure! Love your blog:)

  2. "My art is a bit left of traditional..." and this i like!!!Your works are wonderfully different!!!

  3. We have to be true to our muse, and mine is definately a LOT left of traditional...I think your muse and mine are friends!


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