Saturday, January 14, 2012


I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother 
to endow it with the most useful gift, 
that gift should be curiosity.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

57 years ago today my spirit decided to come to this world and check things out, and I continue to check things out every day. I plan to check things out every day until the day I die.  Curiosity is my middle name.    Actually Ann is my middle name, but still. Wonder, ask questions, learn, explore, try, fail, try again, fail again, and try yet again.  Thanks to the inspiration of the fabulous Ms. Moss, I decided to make a list of 57 Things I want to do during my 57th. year.  Unfortunately, the nine items I came up with read more like a to-do list than the original intent of casual abandon.  Thoroughly clean kitchen cabinet fronts. Vacuum car.  Brush cats.  How sad is that? Maybe my carefree focus isn't quite aligned right now.  I've been focusing on very basic goals for awhile now, sometimes just getting through the day type goals.  The past few years have put long term goals somewhere on a back burner, reducing them to hoping for a better tomorrow goals. Maybe I'll make that list next year, but this year I'm focusing on 57 WORDS.  Words I call to mind like a mantra of sorts when I need them most. Words that resonate.  Words that live in my soul and speak my truth.  

57 WORDS (in no particular order)
 1- courage - my word for 2012
 2- hope
 3- resilience
 4- curiosity
 5- release
 6- laugh
 7- remember
 8- heal
 9- survivor
10- blessings
11- truth
12- strength
13- weakness
14- question
15- encourage
16- friends
17- capable
18- communicate
19- breathe
20- exhale
21- god
22- integrity
23- seek
24- prayer
25- purpose
26- relax
27- forgive
28- justice
29- growth
30- quiet
31- believe
32- peace
33- determination
34- love
35- family
36- joy
37- imagine
38- miracle
39- listen
40- wonder
41- wander
42- create
43- enjoy
44- learn
45- compassion
46- share
47- try
48- enough
49- patience
50- explore
51- faith
52- honesty
53- dream
54- trust
55- cry
56- inspire
57- be

So, I'm 57.  What the heck does that even mean?  Age is like's real but it doesn't really make sense.  Lots of people hate their birthdays, hate getting older, but what's the alternative?  I say celebrate or die!  My mother died at 57.  My father also died young, at age 48.  As the oldest in my family, I've been the one to face the "death ages" first.  I remember turning 49 and being very aware of passing that milestone. Kind of a badge of courage to live longer than my dad.  It's not a worry or even a conscious thought; it's more like an occasional oh yeah that drifts through your mind.  It may seem like a weird reality but it's my reality.  So as I joyously begin this new adventure called 57, I remember what came before and hope that the mysteries yet to unfold are kind.  I've learned that one day at a time is the best way to live because it's all we really get.  Plan for the future but live your life today.  Ah, the wisdom of age. 
What word are you living today?  
Still curious after all these years.


  1. Thank you so much for your invitation via Etsy. I truly appreciate your work. I'm quite new to all things crafty or stay at home Mum's 'little helper' as I call it. I find your art both inspiring & intriguing. Thank you so much for sharing. I popped in to take a quick look at your blog & I was hooked! I have read every word & looked at every picture. Your writing is beautiful, funny & soul warming. You say several times that you miss making a difference in people's lives so I just had to leave a note to assure you that it's not true. You have touched my life & I'm sure many others would say the same!
    Sincerely, thank you

  2. Suzanne, you just gave me the best gift ever. I needed the reminder that we all have the opportunity to make a difference to someone every day, whether through a smile, a listening ear, or a blog post. I know MANY times we never know. Thanks for letting me know that my words have made a difference to you; you truly made my day. Blessings!

  3. Darlin girl, this could be me writing...if I could write as well as you can....thank you....

  4. Awww, thanks Chrisy, I appreciate your kind words.


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