Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: The Truth Shall Set You Free

If you tell the truth, 
you don't have to remember anything.
Mark Twain

Just thought I'd check in with a quick post.  The holidays were low-key and lovely.  My favorite Christmas gift is having both kids in the house at the same time, and Julie was home for six whole days.  We shared the season with family and friends and much talk was exchanged on how time races by far too fast. This reminds me to consciously try and enjoy each day because that's really all we have.  I'm pretty successful at living in the moment but lately I find I'm even more aware of the need to stay HERE and not go running around in the future. The future seems to take care of itself and gets here pretty darn quickly anyway.  Lots of interesting things going on in my life. Good things. Just things.  Things I can't share at this moment but have been brewing for awhile now. I do believe 2012 will be much more promising than the past few years.  One day at a time.

I've been working on classes and teaching schedules for this brand new year.  LOTS of ideas spinning around in my head with  hardly enough time to get one thought down on paper before another one barges in.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  I'm also trying to keep up with my etsy shop and adding new treasures as quickly as I can.  Your response to my art has been so amazing and so gratifying.  Thank you.  Here's a photo of my latest creation, an Inspiration Board I'll be teaching in February at Stamp, Scrap, 'n More.  Each person's project will be unique and personal to them.  MY inspiration came from a project created by Linda at C3I liked the basic concept, made it my own, and the end result is the board you see here:

So...blogger has decided to act up while I was trying to add more photos.  Since I don't feel like wrestling right now, I'll add them in a future post.  If I CAN.  *sigh*  One more thing to share : my darling Julie has started a blog that details her very ambitious quest to go on 52 blind dates in 2012.  For the math challenged, that averages to one date a week.  That's a LOT of strange men lurking around my little girl, but I give her credit for taking a proactive stance when it comes to her social life. Check out her madcap adventures in Minneapolis (remember Mary Richards?) and send any potential nice guys her way, please. Thank you.


  1. love your board - when is this class
    agree and am praying 2012 will be a
    super great year with lots of love and
    friends and inspiration for you and yours


  2. Thanks Marilynn, I'll check and give you the date.

  3. Wonderful blog and amazing works!!!!
    I like it very much!
    Best to you!

  4. Right back at you, Maj. I love your fiber work, ALL of your work, really. Thanks for your feedback and kind words.


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