Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Will Fly Again

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it 
is like wrapping a present and not giving it. 
 ~William Arthur Ward

With Thanksgiving just two days away, I find myself thinking about gratitude and blessings and the things in life that sometimes breeze right by me.  Not the usual stuff like family and friends and relatively good health; I'm thankful for those things countless times every single day.  I'm talking about ideas and being able to put them into form.  Questions that sometimes have answers.  Getting through the muck of living life and making it to the other side, alive and kicking.  Not just surviving but THRIVING.  I think I'd be pretty damn boring if life flowed minus all the bumps and grief along the way.  I might be happier for a minute, but boring just the same.  So I'm giving thanks for my own personal crap because it's made me who I am today. Strong, even in the weak parts.  Compassionate. Funny. Cynical with a good measure of hope.  My wings may be broken and scarred but they still work.  Thankfully.
My latest collage.
I used the door from our old vanity for the substrate.
There are  three more doors in the garage
just waiting for their makeover.
Belief, Hope, Survive.
And mended wings.
You WILL fly again.  Really.


  1. Buffy just happened to walk past my office as I was looking at this, and I was like, "Buffy, want to see my mom's newest collage?" and she almost had a conniption. LOL. She gasped and just stared at for about 30 seconds and then said "I wish I had a mom who made cool stuff!"

    Suffice to say, I also think this is cool and not as creepy as your usual work. :-)

  2. Tell Buffy her Mom DOES make cool stuff - she made Buffy! And um, thanks (?) for the compliment of "not as creepy as your usual stuff."

  3. dear laure,
    what wonderful work you're doing! i'm so glad you shared the link to your blog when you replied to me on etsy. is there a way to subscribe to it by email?


  4. Great, interesting collage. Beautiful colours and brilliant idea!!!

  5. Thank you! She's one of my all time favorites.


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