Saturday, September 3, 2011

Red Lead + Halloween = SWOON

I entered a random drawing contest on the fabulous Red Lead blog.  I enter a lot of contests because I figure someone's gotta win, right?  Well, someone does gotta win and this time that someone was ME.  Oh happy day.  Did I mention I LOVE Halloween? And Red Lead?  Love, love, LOVE their rubber stamps and just about everything else they sell.  They're less than 6 hours from my house and I've never been, but I will eventually get there.  Someday.  Let's just say they're on my list of places to go for an art weekend if I ever become gainfully employed, as well as being on my dream list of places to teach.  So I won and I've spent a whole week remembering I won at odd little times of the day and night and then smiling big, happy, Halloween smiles.  People stare and back away at times but hey, I'm used to that.  So imagine my screams smiles when I found my package in today's mail.  

I actually restrained myself from tearing into the envelope until I got my camera and THEN I tore it open and went crazy.  Here's what I found:
OK, I'm an artist.  Presentation is everything, whether in gifts or words or dress or food - really anything.  When people buy something from Little Joys Studio, I wrap it beautifully and lovingly; it's like getting a present before the actual present.  So I was thrilled to find this lovely box and pad of Halloween paper festooned in yummy fibers!  So inviting, so sweet.  That extra touch that makes you feel oh so special.  To all you impatient people out there (you know who you are) yes, I did eventually open it and here's what I found waiting inside:
But you want a closer look, don't you?  I don't blame you one little bit:

Stamps and charms and chipboard, oh my! Buttons and glitter.  Have I mentioned just how much I adore buttons and glitter?  I could write a whole post on my obsession with buttons and all things sparkly.  Fibers and paper and tags and baubles, and a big plastic spider thrown in for good measure. Thank you Chris and Sharon for offering this awesome giveaway, and thank you to my own lucky stars for being in alignment when the winner was chosen.  

I'll leave you with a sneak peak of a new Little Joys creation that will be landing on Etsy.  Hopefully soon.

IF I can stop playing with my new goodies.   
"Oz Baby" Altered Art Block


  1. so glad for you - enjoy all your goodies - create
    create and create some more - see you Tuesday

  2. again can't wait to see what you do with all the goodies - is that a stamp with the witch? love it
    the papers are perfect for you and your tags - again how wonderful for you - you deserve it


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