Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey Doll Face

Another Friday night in the studio.  I'm busy creating havoc, trying my best to reel in all those pinballs of ideas just ding-ding-dinging in my sleep deprived brain.  I should be applying for jobs but my goal is to have that done by Monday - PLENTY of time. I need to work on creating listings for Etsy but my hyper little self can't focus on that right now. I'd like to be working on the awesome new techniques I'm learning in Full Tilt Boogie but ditto the lack of focus.  I thought about going to bed and praying for sleep but hey, that hasn't worked so far so I'm working on some new ideas.  And feeling very thankful for what I have because so many have so much less. And asking lots of questions with no answers.  And sending prayers of thanks to the friends who have supported me during this time of searching and yearning.  They are real dolls but I promise not to bring them to the studio for play time.
I promise...or DO I?  Mwaahahahahahahaha.

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