Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clompers and Art

Woo Hoo!  Chicagoland was blessed with an AWESOME spring day and people were out in droves.  It's been such a long and dreary winter that any temperature above 50 seems balmy, but we made it into the 70's and my clompers made their 2011 debut. For those who do not speak "Betty" (my mom), clompers are now commonly called flip flops, but they'll always be clompers to me.  Why clompers?  I'm guessing because of the noise they made on the tile floor (clomp, clomp, clomp) but I don't know that for sure.  They were just always clompers. Once spring even threatened to arrive, we'd make our yearly pilgrimage to the local drug store to pick out our warm weather shoe of choice.  So many decisions!  What color.  What......? OK, so color was really the only decision to be made but it was a crucial choice.  These $1 rubber wonders (1960's prices, people!) had to last until the first day back to school in the fall; God help you if the rubber wore and the plug thingy at the end of the strap pulled out of the hole.  After all, money didn't grow on trees then any more than it does now, plus good luck finding clompers in August.  Tough darts for you, my friend.  Clompers were also commonly used for discipline (Betty again) as the rubber was just flexible enough to provide a nice sting on legs clad in shorts.  They were also excellent dog chew toys but again, tough darts for you if you left yours where they were dog accessible, which in our house was just about anywhere.  Ah, but I digress.  I wore clompers today and my toes felt the warm air and I was happy.  Chicago is now under a severe weather watch BUT I WORE CLOMPERS TODAY!  It's the little things that make life grand.

So in addition to wearing clompers, I've been busy on the art front - teaching and creating and  generally having a good time. Saturday I spent the day teaching make 'n takes at Creative Cuts and Crafts and meeting the nicest people.  I dig helping people discover their creativity and my heart sings when a satisfied smile sits on the face of someone looking at their finished creation.  I'll be teaching my Divine Dossier journals this Saturday, and I've got a new class coming up in May. Here's a few photos of the Paper Bag Album sample from May's offering:
"Adventure" Paper Bag Album - front cover
"Life is Good" - inside page
"Abundance" and "Crazy Love" - inside page

So...what have you been doing that makes your toes happy and your soul sing? 

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  1. Oh Laure - I can't wait to make a paper bag album!!!!


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