Monday, July 20, 2015


No wedding post today. Things keep happening.  Good things. Surprising things. Things like being named Julep's Wonder Maven for August! What the heck, you ask, is a wonder maven? I think I said those exact same words when the lovely and newly married Julie called to tell me the news. Click the red link to Julep's blog so you can read all about it, but here's the short version: Julep (an awesome nail/beauty company) has a recognition program where people nominate  women who make a difference. Julep chooses a monthly winner, interviews that person, and then creates and names a polish for her. Julie nominated me in February (right in the middle of planning her wedding) without telling me a thing. I learned about it all a few weeks ago after Julep notified her that I had been selected. My biggest thrill was reading what my daughter wrote about me. My daughter who would rather cut off her arm than actually verbalize a feeling. Ever. It was very humbling and wonderful and of course I cried. My second biggest thrill is having a polish named after me, with my named spelled correctly, and by correctly I mean the way my mother spelled it which is basically incorrect. But hey, I've NEVER seen anything with my very own misspelled name on it: L-A-U-R-E. And now I have a wonderful, orange-red star dust polish that will forever be known as LAURE. Thank you, sweetie, for nominating me and most importantly, for your beautiful words. It means the world to me. And to anyone reading this post, please continue calling me Laure; Wonder Laure will be required for gala occasions only.

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