Friday, March 1, 2013

Hope, Hope, and More Hope

Beth's one year anniversary of death is March 16, and I've been making art to honor her memory.  The LOSS Blossoms of Hope Brunch is next month, and my sister and I will be going. In addition to speakers, raffles, a wine table, and a delicious brunch at Drury Lane in Oak Brook, there will be a silent auction; I created two pieces of art that will hopefully sell and bring some additional funds to the organization that has helped and supported me during the worst time of my life.  I couldn't figure out what to make but then decided to make something Beth would like, something I would have made for her.  I came up with a treasure box book/pocket shrine, both with the theme of HOPE.  I wanted something that might appeal to the audience of suicide survivors, and for me, hope is a huge part of this journey.  If I were actually making one for Beth, the theme would be something like Edward Norton or Courtney Love, but I digress. I'm very pleased with how they turned out and I hope at least two people will decide they want a portable symbol of hope, love, and remembrance for their very own. Here are a few photos of Hope #1 and Hope #2.

Hope #1, created from an altoid tin and lots of love.
The adornment on the top is a piece of broken vintage jewelry.
I chose it because the 3 pearls reminded me of Hope, Faith, and Love. 
open the tin to reveal the accordion folded book inside
the book is attached to the tin and pulls out for viewing...
and it's double sided.
a view of the front and back covers

Hope #2, created by the same process as Hope #1.
lots of vintage photos and supportive text
I made each tin with enough room to add personal photos and trinkets.
A support group and shrine, all in your pocket.
front and back cover views

I enjoyed the process of making these treasure boxes and decided to make a few extra with other themes.  They're in my Etsy shop for your viewing and/or adopting pleasure.  The best part of making these little beauties was the opportunity to once again create from the heart. I've struggled to do that since Beth's death.  I'd go up to my studio with all good intentions and end up sitting there, staring out the window or crying or both.  Creating art to honor Beth's memory really woke up my muse and I hope she stays awake.  The second best part of creating these treasure boxes is that I decided I'm ready to teach again.  I think. I hope.  I last taught about two weeks after Beth's death and I couldn't even put together a cohesive thought.  I know the students had a fine time and loved the class but I felt like I was swimming in wet concrete. It's a big step to put myself out there when I've been feeling like I have nothing to give, but I think I'm ready again.  And I think I'll teach this class.  It's a fun project with SO many options and gift ideas - I'll keep you posted.  To those of you who continue to follow this blog, bless you and thanks for hanging in there with me.  I'll never be who I was before Beth's death, but I'm healing more every day.  I hope your corner of the world is treating you kindly.

P.S. If you're interested in attending the brunch or in donating a bottle of wine or a silent auction gift, please click on this link for additional information.  


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