Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sue's Journal

I just heard back from Sue.  She received her journal yesterday and sent me the following email, which she has graciously allowed me to post: 


The journal arrived today.  It is beautiful and beyond words.  I can't put it down. Everytime I open it, I see something new.  I especially love the paper which is printed with brown and green owls.  I also like the way you incorporated the greeting cards/valentine cards I sent.  I found it interesting that the Wizard of Oz ticket stub made it's way on the card that my sister sent me.  She and I have very fond memories watching the movie with my grandmother.  Thanks again for creating such a beautiful piece of art.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I can't wait to show it to my mom.  I will write again to let you know what she has to say. (She's the one who gave me the "Sealy" tag).  Feel free to share my comments on your blog.  Again, I just love the journal.  

This is why I create.  Correction: this is why I create for OTHERS.  I create for myself, for my own satisfaction, because I don't know how not to create.  I like what I do and never worried if anyone else liked it because it was for me.  Creating and selling art for others is a whole different thing.  I've been selling my art for awhile now, mostly jewelry and mixed media, and there's still an element of "'holy crap, what if they hate it?"  This is not a case of false modesty, no GEE DO YOU REALLY LIKE IT (me) ala Sally Field. Art is personal.  You're putting your soul out there for all the world to see, and when you create something specifically for another person...whew, the stakes go through the roof.  Their vision, your vision, how do the two ever meet?  But you know, somehow they do.  They just do.  Maybe it's time for me to trust the process. There's that word again - TRUST.  The same lesson, presented in yet another way.  I'm starting to get it.  Really.  I think.  I hope. Thank you, Sue, for providing me with another opportunity to grow.  May your blessings grow as you fill your journal with lovely memories.  And may we all take this opportunity to silence our inner critic.  Ready, set...go!

You have no power here.
Be gone!
Before someone drops a house on you, too.


  1. Namaste, my sister. I have enjoyed following your thoughts and will continue to do so.

    Why do we exist?

    In Lak' esh. my sister, love is all there is...

  2. I myself don't know how anyone could not like anything you make!!

  3. I myself can't imagine anyone not likeing what you create!!


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