Monday, November 15, 2010

Alter Your Art, Alter Your Mind

“Every child is an artist. 

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  

Pablo Picasso

Yesterday I taught an altered art class at C3.  I love teaching.  I look at it as building trust and sharing ideas PLUS you leave with your own treasure.  We turned a plain old mirror into a personal statement. Some collage, some paint, a few trinkets, and a whole lotta talking. Talking is key.  I don't know if it's because of my career (hospice) or the magic powers of art, but the talk always turns to stories of the soul.  I've said it before: art heals.  Art helps people touch what words often can't, and as the art is created the words and emotions surface.  Fears.  Regrets.  Faith.  Longing.  Grief.  Awe.  So many emotions, expressed through art and spoken out loud around a paint covered table.  It's wonderful to feel safe and supported and to just BE.    I receive so much more than I could ever give and for that I thank everyone who has ever taken a class with me.  We are students together, all teaching and learning and sharing and BEing. As I drove home it came to me loud and clear: I want to teach healing art.  I want to help people grow their souls and mend their wounds, through art. Now I just need to find the situation where I can do that AND receive health insurance.  No small trick but it's only Monday - I've got all week!

Here are a few photos of altered mirrors.  I forgot my camera yesterday so these are mirrors that I've made but trust me, the class mirrors were AWESOME!  I'll try to remember my camera the next time I teach; I'm taking a photography class tonight so hopefully my picture details will improve.
angel mirror
diva mirror

birthday mirror


  1. Question 1: are these for sale?
    Question 2: how/where can I take these classes? Do I need supplies and/or experience?

  2. Your "Birthday Mirror" is just plain awesome! Whether someone is 5 or 85 they will feel young and uplifted peeking at themselves in such a whimsical piece..keep on creating and so will I. Thanks for joining my blog; I will also be adding more art...check it out! Stay well my blogisphere friend!

  3. Awwww, thanks for the art *hugs*, they warm my heart. These are such fun to make! Lisa, click on my link under Sites 2 See (Creative Cuts and Crafts).

  4. ok, so the birthday mirror was for my partner and I have to tell you the picture doesn't do it justice. It is awesome and Katherine absolutely treasures it. Thank you to my dear friend Laure who made it for me to give to her.
    It is something she will always cherish!


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